implementing the

CBM model

Case: Project OASIS 2.0

Contributed to Go Lives in masterdata migration roles during B&IT integration projects with the main purpose of implementing the CBM model (Combined Business Model) as well as SAP roll-outs across the globe.

  • Cyprus (2016) – EEMEA (Retail)
  • Kauri releases (2017 – 2019) in both Retail as Professional template:
    • BR / NO / AU / NZ / TH (Retail)
    • AU / NZ / TH (Professional)
    • NL / BE / DE / NO / SE / DK / SP / UK (Professional SAP / Salesforce / Apptus)
  • OASIS 1.0 (2020) – APAC Supergroup integration MY / TH / CN / SG
  • OASIS 2.0 (2021)APAC Old Town integration MY / CN / HK
    • Old Town White Coffee portfolio data migration (non-SAP (Navision/Kingdee) to SAP.
    • Integration of the business activities of the acquired Old Town White Coffee portfolio into the JDE business processes. Master data has a key role in connecting the various processes. The existing master data of Old Town was converted, optimized and migrated in SAP.
    • Contributing to Manufacturing foot print projects, major I4G (Innovation for Growth) projects (Super Reset / Old Town Brand Refresh, Moccona Asian Specialties), 1-1-1 projects (CN / FR)
    • Several related projects ran parallel to this main project OASIS 2.0. These projects were initiated for the optimization of entities already working with SAP in the APAC region:
      • Peacock: Manufacturing footprint optimization in Thailand
      • River: Manufacturing footprint optimization in China
      • Split of RepCo in SG; Sales & Reporting & company split for MSU Singapore Export; Export PH, Export VN, Export others
      • JDE Trading CN: office relocation
      • L’OR Essenso: rebranding Essenso portfolio (relocation of production)
      • JDE Trading CN: office relocation


      • Jay: Manufacturing footprint optimalization in Vietnam
    • OASIS 2.15 APAC CBM optimization projects in MY / SG / CN
  • Which SAP modules have been affected:

Masterdata returns across the broad environment affecting various modules such as MM, SD, PP, PM, FiCo.

Impacted workstreams: Masterdata (CDM), STP, SCP, MTD, OTC, W&L, RTR, ITX.

CBDO (Central Business Data Owner) for material masterdata in supporting as well coordination roles (OASIS 2.0) including governance and coordination of masterdata across functional domains (SCP/MTD/STP/OTC/ W&L/RTR/ITX).

Choises made to arrive at a solution:

CBM (Combined Business Model) design, masterdata template design, CBM Goods Flow design, SAP system landscape Designs (Functional Design) – leading to masterdata migration compliant to JDE Standard Data Migration Governance. CDM (Central Data Management team) as a team acting as overarching business data workstream to ensure cohesive inclusive data migration according to design elements and business requirements, meeting highest standards in data quality and data consistency across SAP master data template, audit compliant.

Successful GoLive(s) with high quality of masterdata loaded in SAP JDE environments

Lead Time:
Last main project OASIS 2.0 approximately +/- 9 months including 6 weeks business stabilization phase. (however with additional knowledge of previous projects).

In full, successfully completed various projects during 6 years in total.


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